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What music means to KREY

I have been making music on and off for the past 12 years. Though music has not been my main focus for a career, I've pursued other areas to help me achieve the vision I wanted for my music. I've worked in the design field for a few years and then pursued programming which has been my main focus for the longest time. About three years ago I decided I wanted to pursue my vision. I started out by writing my music for my first album that I would release independently on my own (I've never had luck getting responses from labels and blogs). The music has been ongoing for the past three years (I know...a long time). During this time though I started developing my image. I had a group of friends that I have worked alongside who helped me develop my image in different areas. It's been a battle between finding the time to work on my music, and getting all aspects to the level where I'd feel comfortable releasing. Music has always been in my life, from playing around with producing software when I was 11, to taking piano lessons, dancing, and making playlists for every mood or siutation in my life. It has helped me alot in many situations and I would like to create work that helps or inspires others like it has done for me. My vision encapsulates many aspects, not just music. This includes graphic design, interior design, animation, soundtracks and developing tech. I have a long way to go until my quality is where I would like it to be, but I hope my passion and vision reaches others.

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